Monday, 7 June 2010

Brian Shields

I am really chuffed that we have been selected by Brian Shields to work with him on developing his website. Brian is an artist who produces simply amazing work. He lives locally and is the type of guy you'd happily start to chat to in a pub or on a bus. Very unassuming but incredibly talented. He knows he is a good artists, I think he may even be a great artists but he isn't the sort of guy who goes around telling everyone how fab he is.. I guess that's why he wants to work with us - we are very happy to tell everyone how fab he is.
Brian's latest work will be on show as part of the BP Portrait Awards.. you can check out his painting 'Inside outside Clare with Claire' here,in-pictures,news-in-pictures,in-pictures-the-bp-portrait-award,2
His website will show a range of his work and give details of how to get in touch with him, it will be simply and unassuming - his paintings talk for themselves.
I will let you know when the site is up.

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