Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Putting your money where your mouth is

As a small marketing agency (Frank! Communication Solutions) we do occasionally get asked whether we will get involved in projects that do not have a budget . Some people are up front about it - they say 'We are a start up, we have a fantastic product but we need your insight and experience to help sell that product'. Others say 'Well if you are as good as you say you are will you work on a commission basis...'.
Of the two attitudes I may well spend a bit of time with the former - but am very unlikely to spend time with the latter. Not because I don't have every confidence that we can help both organisation 'shift more stuff'. More because the former believe that we have a value and an expertise and the latter believe that we don't.
There are of course a number of organisations that I am more than happy to help, in any way I can (apologies to David Beckham) and this is why Frank! is a member of the Business Community Partnership who "match voluntary and community groups with companies that want to support their work by sharing expertise, ideas and resources." The organisations you help understand the need for your expertise and value your input accordingly.
If you want advice and suggestions about your marketing then please do contact us, we'd be happy to talk about how well executed and targeted marketing could help your business - and after that you can decide whether our services are something you are prepared to pay for.

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