Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Alpha Papa -Growing up Gracefully

Being a business owner can be one hell of a ride and being the proud parent of a delightful 14 year old I have started to see the similarity between him trying to make and find his way in the world and me trying to grow and develop the business. He won't thank me for comparing his coming of age with my company finding it's feet - so best not mention it if you meet him!

Each day he seems to discover a little more about the man he wants to be - and each day we discover a little more about the sort of company we want to be.
He learns about the things he cares about and how to express his passions so they enthuse and excite those around him and we do the same.

How women can take the lead..

I went along to the RSA Brighton event last night – speakers were Penny Thompson, Chief Executive Brighton and Hove City Council,  Anne Boddington, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Brighton and Caroline Lucas, Green MP, Brighton Pavilion

Below I have pulled out a few things that struck a particular chord with me… and maybe they will with you too

Penny Thompson

I wanted to be the sort of manager I craved

Anti-models allowed me to fashion myself