Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How women can take the lead..

I went along to the RSA Brighton event last night – speakers were Penny Thompson, Chief Executive Brighton and Hove City Council,  Anne Boddington, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Brighton and Caroline Lucas, Green MP, Brighton Pavilion

Below I have pulled out a few things that struck a particular chord with me… and maybe they will with you too

Penny Thompson

I wanted to be the sort of manager I craved

Anti-models allowed me to fashion myself

Value the opportunity to influence

Be clear about what you are and what you can do

I have high expectations of others and myself

Look after your reputation and be resilient

Anne Boddington

People recruit in ‘self image’

Its about leadership and the silent other ‘followership

Hormesis – how we think about how we can change an organisation. Feed a bit of poison to build resistance.

There needs to be a small amount of tension to allow change to happen.

Delegate any task but not responsibility

Caroline Lucas

Leadership is about bringing people together

Power with – not over
Passion and principals
Sharing and influence

Compromise is not a weakness – it is when you have fought to find a common ground  over something you don’t agree on

Oh and one final thing – after going to the event I checked out the RSA website – and spotted this short video ‘How cooking can change your life’ – and thought you may like to see it too.

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