Thursday, 13 May 2010

Focus in on focus groups

We have recently started offering 'focus group facilitation' as an additional service to our clients. It's an interesting addition to our marketing communications mix but one that fits very comfortably and adds real value to our client offer. We run the groups in partnership with Brand Adventure and have a bunch of happy clients one of whom was kind enough to say that we 'engaged a traditionally hard to reach population and achieve excellent results and produce some great ideas within a very short deadline.'

We feel that we are offering our clients a really good additional service the conclusions of which can really effect the way they engage with their audiences and potentially save them money.
If you think you have a project/product/service that could benefit from a focus group then by all means get in touch - we will give you a view on whether a focus group would be relevant and provide you with the results you are looking for. Don't forget when you are looking for answers it is the question that really matter - know the question and the answer is so much easier to find.
Over and out.

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