Friday, 11 April 2014

What Dietmar Dahmen said to me (and about 500 other people)

On the 10 April I attended the Sitecore Digital Trendspot ‘Digitally Ever After’, ‘The Art of Storytelling’ conference at Islington’s Design centre. Dietmar Dahmen, self proclaimed ‘Enricher of People, Brands and User Experiences’ was the afternoon keynote speaker – and the 7 things I took away with me from his presentation were:
1)      Development is not in straight lines – it jumps as new technology opens up new opportunities
2)      You should not ask ‘Why’ you should ask ‘Why not’
3)      It is hard to change something that you think is a winning formula, but no matter how good your product or service is, if the environment changes it could be deemed useless.  
4)      When you state facts about your company service, price or product always include the proviso ‘Up Until Now’.
5)      All companies can have a good product (there are no such things as bad products any more), all companies have a sensible price point, all companies provide good service – the only thing that sets your company apart are the ‘soft factors’.
6)      We only remember things that are truly Epic, great or good are no longer enough
7)      Technology means that we can tell relevant, epic stories about our great products to people when they are in the right place and at the right time.

Dietmar ended his talk by saying that the most important thing that any company can do is to start to listen to and engage with your customers … to start a relationship with them.

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