Monday, 4 February 2013

Domestic abuse - painting a new picture

Frank! has been working with Sussex Police to raise awareness about domestic abuse. As part of the campaign we have been working with a group of local youngsters and Wet Paint Productions, to create some great Street Art around Brighton.

Here are a few photos showing what we did at the first workshop (1 of 3) and the wonderful work created by the kids

In the introductory meeting, we all brainstormed ideas and concepts associated with domestic abuse. We stuck post-it notes to a board and grouped together all the concepts the kids thought were important. We chatted about these ideas, why they mattered and how we could communicate them in the final design. 

In preparation for the project  the artists, SNUB23 and Sinna One, taught the young people the techniques you need to create cool street art. The artists then helped the youngsters turn their rough drawings into funky designs (this time not related to domestic abuse) using a temporary wall outside the Brighton Youth Centre.

At our second workshop, all the ideas about domestic abuse had been developed and the youngsters came up with key themes and rough illustrations to be included in the final designs.  On Saturday 9 February, you will see two groups of youngster at the Bond Street and London Road sites painting the final design - if you are passing do say hello! 

To find out a bit more about Sussex Police's Domestic Abuse Campaign, have a look at their website or check out Wet Paint Production's Blog

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