Thursday, 6 December 2012

The delights and frustrations of SEO

One of the challenges we have set ourselves for 2013 is to get to grips with the science that calls itself Search Engine Optimisation. What it really means of course is 'How to work Google so it works for you'. But, because we never shy away from learning how to play the game, we have been working hard with one of our own sites to really get to grips with the nuances that can move you up the rankings. We have tried things, watched the results and then either done more of the same or tried another tack. It's a  fascinating and highly addictive pastime. But we have moved the site up in every one of our identified 'keywords' and are now beginning to have a bit of fun with it all.

We are learning that web words and images are fickle beasts - and need to be tamed to make them work for us. We are learning that there is not a one-size fits all solution (though some SEO experts may well disagree). We are learning that nothing beats on-going changes and updates, a bit of imagination and having the luxury of time to learn by simply doing it.

So... what can we tell you..
1) There are some amazingly generous people out there who share their knowledge. Type into Google exactly the problem you are having and find out how other people have cured it.
2) Use links and anchors to connect documents and other webpages within your site.
3) Be completely logical with the naming of directory or navigation buttons - use words or phrases that people actually type into search engines rather than a clever summary or composite word.
4) Register your site with Google and every other search engine you like the look of.
5) Make sure you are very clear about how you want to be found, and by who you, and target them exactly. People no longer put a single word into a search engine - they are more likely to include a sentence or phrase that helps narrow down the responses they get. We know, for example, that if you put 'straight talking ideas-driven creative' into Google you will get taken straight to our site ( But in real terms how many people are going to use that exact phrase?

If your business is wholly reliant on online sales you absolutely must get to grips with SEO. But as with all marketing remember that the most (cost) effective search engine optimisation can be targeted specifically at your audience - understand them, the language they use and tailor your SEO strategy accordingly.

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Jo Weatherall
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Jo Weatherall said...

Update - we have moved our 'test site' up two and a half google pages in the last two weeks for an identified (and very important to us) keyword. We are now half way down page 2 - our aim is to be on page 1 before Christmas!

Jo Weatherall said...

Well it took until the first week in February but we made it to page one! We now appear as the 6th or 7th listing. Well done to Sophie and James for persevering!

Jo Weatherall said...

With no small thanks to Tony at ABC digital marketing, Rory, James and Jo are pleased to announce that google consistently shows in the top 5 results for 'Woodingdean' but better we also show up on the first page for 'Cafes in Woodigndean,','where to eat in Woodingdean'What's on in Woodingdean', 'Businesses in Woodingdean', 'web design in Woodingdean''Where to shop in Woodingdean'.... do i need to go on?