Friday, 23 April 2010

Stonewall equality dinner

Frank! has been working with Door 22 producing the look and feel for the 2010 Stonewall Equality Dinner. The dinner was on the 19th April at the Dorchester Hotel London and was a fantastic fundraising event. I didn't get along to the evening but got a great buzz from viewing pictures and and seeing how fantastic the lectern, banners and brochure looked - sitting so comfortably amongst the great and the good.
To see the pictures visit!/album.php?aid=209164&id=18933990398 - and take a little time to see how absolutely right this years supporting materials looked.

So what were the lessons learnt?
1) when you develop a theme for a one-off event don't undervalue the design itself - you are creating a look and feel that will set the scene/mood for the event
2) get a full briefing from the client about all the aspects you will need to deliver - if possible visit the venue
3) don't scrimp on poor quality print, work with your printer to see what options there are to maximise budgets - they are the experts, enlist their help.
4) always present your client with workable options - stressing the benefits of different routes
5) let everyone bathe in the success of a project - make sure client thanks or compliments are passed on to everyone involved
6) work with clients you respect and like.

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